Continental - "Four-Letter Words" UDR003


"...if you haven't heard Continental's latest record, Four-Letter Words, then you haven't heard squat." - East Bay Express

"While lube might not be the first thing you reach for after putting on Four-letter Words... the local quintet's latest album features the kind of ethereal, swirling music perfect for languid lovemaking." - SF Weekly

"...both intricate and catchy - an all-too-rare combination." - Copper Press

San Francisco’s Continental had a reputation for making smart, cinematic music from 1998-2007. The band (Gabriel Coan, Craig Escalante, Mike Eul, Matt Holt, and Brent Kimble) blended noise, beats, and melody into a sound that managed the rare feat of being interesting without being pretentious, complex without being cerebral.

This is the band's second album.

"Four-Letter Words" comes in limited edition, hand letter-pressed packaging. Once they're gone, they're gone.

Format: CD, Digital Download

Released: 2003